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Road cycling or gravel riding, Collserola park is a great place to ride. 

Collserola park is situated to the west of Barcelona, right next to the city. From our shop you can start your first climb up in to the park within 5 minutes and all with just a little traffic. 

Collserola park is big enough to cycle for a few days without having to do the same route twice. Although sometimes you just want to do that. 😉
In total there is 284 km of road and gravel roads, of which about 184 km is gravel.

There are fountains everywhere to get some water. You can also stop in different places to have a cup of coffee with a pastry or enjoy a delicious typical Catalan meal. Some restaurants are only accessible by gravel or mountain bike and are located in places that you would not expect. Of course there are still enough places to reach with the road bike.

Due to the large availability of fountains, you often do not need to bring more than one bottle of water. There is always one nearby. They are indicated on the map. In the summer it’s also a welcome cooling.

Sometimes it’s just nice to go out without riding on the GPS navigation and enjoy doing your planning the old way. The signaling is very good en well maintained in Collserola park. So going low-tech is a very relaxed option. Also good for your digital detox.

There are also various train stations in and around Collserola park. If you are tired or have technical problems and you want to return to Barcelona easily, this is an option that is reasonably close. You can also stop and rest in many of the various restaurants in the area.

Rent a road or gravel bike and enjoy this beautiful park!

Click on the map to download it in normal quality (2,5 MB)


Self guided bike tours around Barcelona

  • You can download a route from our website (click here for road routes/ click here for gravel routes), We just started and we will be adding more routes in the near future.
    Websites like Wikiloc, Komoot or Trailforks also have a lot of routes. If you use Strava, you can maybe use a route from a friend or take a look at our Strava Collserola club.

    As good as the routes are, a route can’t tell you where the most beautiful places are, where you can get that special cup of coffee or recommend that typical Catalan dish. 
    If you want to book a guide, or arrange a group activity contact us at


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