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On this page we offer free self guided bike tours in barcelona to go on your cycling adventure. In different areas. From nice and easy, to a ride with the toughest climb in the area. Always with beautiful views, that is inevitable here. View the route in advance via on our website in 3D. If you click on the images you can zoom in and rotate. You can check the route before you choose to cycle it.

On this page are the routes for gravel and we have another page the routes for on the road rides (click here). You can download the GPX for your bike computer via the links, all free of charge.

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Below you will find a selection self guided bike tours in barcelona for gravel biking.
And don’t forget, you can also can do them the other way around.
The 3D previews are provided by VeloViewer. (Wait for them to load)


This long gravel ride is long but never too technical, but still this is a route for the more experienced gravel cyclist. (Watch the elevation gain) There are also a few streches of road, but they are necessary to skip the more technical parts of Collserola and still see all different areas.

Soon we will place a modified route on our website that integrates even more clay. But we still choose the best paths to follow. Stay tuned.

Information about this route;
77 km
2450 m of elevation gain
 a 5 hour ride.

Download your GPX file here:

COLLSEROLA - Carretera de les Aigües - GRAVEL

The Carretera de les Aigues is almost flat for the first part, you can enjoy the view over Barcelona. If you are in the south at the end, you can climb to the antenna. When you go back north, it becomes a bit more challenging with more gain in altitude.

It is a perfect route for a beginner. The route offers many easy options to return to Barcelona.

Information about this route;
45 km
1300 m of elevation gain
 a 2,5 hour ride.

Download your GPX file here:

COLLSEROLA - Stop at Can Gener - GRAVEL

The route starts at Carretera de les Augies, a climb up to the antenna (San Pere) and then goes back to the Tibidabo via the big antenna next to it. Before you go back down to Barcelona, it goes down to the restaurant Can Gener (open in the weekends, from friday till sunday). Great place to visit. Authentic Catalan food, but of course, you can also just stop for a coffee.

Information about this route;
41 km
1375 m of elevation gain
 a 2,5 hour ride. (If you don’t stop at Can Gener😉)

Download your GPX file here:

COLLSEROLA - Not to technical, some climbing - GRAVEL

You climb almost to the Tibidabo, if you want you can take a little detour. Then you go down in the direction of Sant Cugat. You will pass a few little streams that you need to cross. When you are almost at Sant Cugat there is a typical tree, a nice oppertunity for a photo. You go back to Barcelona via Can Coll (A big BBQ family restaurant and picknic place) and you climb back to Carretera de les Aigues. The route rakes the Arrabasada back down but you can also go to the right and climb a little to the parking area and go down the same way you came.

Information about this route;
34 km
900 m of elevation gain
 a 2,5 hour ride.

Download your GPX file here:

COLLSEROLA - Combining 2 smaller routes - ROAD

This route is a combination of two smaller routes directly above. (the 41km and 34 km).

You start the route with a climb in direction of the Tibidabo and then to Sant Cugat. You will cross some streams along the way. Passing Can Coll and then via the climb in the cementery area back to the Carretera de les Aigues.

Information about this route;
57 km
1750 m of elevation gain
 a 3,5 hour ride.

Download your GPX file here:

Self guided bike tours around Barcelona

You can download a route from our website, We just started and we will be adding more routes in the near future.
Websites like Wikiloc, Komoot or Trailforks also have a lot of routes. If you use Strava, you can maybe use a route from a friend or take a look at our Strava Collserola club.

As good as the routes are, a route can’t tell you where the most beautiful places are, where you can get that special cup of coffee or recommend that typical Catalan dish. 
If you want to book a guide, or arrange a group activity contact us at

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